The Future for Me

I have not exactly sure what I would like to do with my life when I get older, but I have a couple of things in mind. One thing I would like to do is be a video editor or perhaps even a film director. These things spark my interest because when I was younger, I used to like making videos and movies with my grandpa, who is also good at editing videos. I also used to direct some of the movies we made. I am also taking a video production class at school this year, where we shoot short films and then we edit them. What I like about this class is that it gets you ready for perhaps one day doing video production as a career when you get older and that it teaches you most things you need to know about this hobby.

Another thing I had in mind was perhaps working with children with disabilities. I think this would be a great hobby for me because I love volunteering for clubs for special needs kids. I feel like I could help these kids in many different ways and change their lives around in a good way. Being a behavioral therapist, or perhaps a personal one-on-one aide are also fun ideas I have in mind.


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