“Love is the sweetest thing. Love does exactly what it wants to do. Love is the way we feel for you. We’re family, we’re family, we’re family, me and you!”- James and the Giant Peach

To me, family is people that stick together. Family doesn’t have to be people who are necessarily related to you. It could just be close friends or even neighbors for that matter. One person who is not biologically related to me that I consider to be family is my mom’s stepdad, my grandpa Bill. Bill has been in my mom’s life ever since before I was born. He and my grandma met at a dude ranch in Colorado when my mom was about 14 and has been the best father figure anyone could ever ask for. Bill is also a great granddad to me and I like it when he takes me out to see movies or on really fun trips. Over the summer, he took me to Chicago and then to South Carolina to visit his older brother and his wife. The summer before that he took me to Ohio to meet some of his family and friends. I remember having a lot of fun with Bill when I was younger too. We would always draw together and even make short films, starring both of us. When I was in fifth grade, we would always make short movies about my late pet rabbit, Peter. Once, we made up a whole movie about him running away to Hollywood to become a star and us having to find him. Even to this day, Bill will sometimes let me edit some of his videos and do small projects for him.

Another person I really look up to as family who isn’t related to me is my Uncle Stan. Stan has been my mom’s best friend since high school and he has also been a big part of my life too. An interesting fact about Stan is that he is gay. He currently has a boyfriend named Alejandro now whom I do not know very well, but I have met him once over the summer and I also hope to get to know him more later on. My Uncle Stan lives in Santa Monica now and while my mom and I may not get to see him very often since we are busy people, we still get to stay in touch with him. Stan and I have always gotten along very well for as long as I have known him.

In conclusion, family to me also means love and joy. In other words, being with people you love.


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