(S)heros by Elle Anderson

Source: http://colinstokes.blogspot.com/

Not all heroes necessarily have to be male. There are also some remarkable female heroes, aka sheros, or heroines rather. Some significant examples of female heroes in movies include Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”, and Princess Leia from the “Star Wars” movies, just to name a few. Heroines from movies, books, and TV shows are often very significant because not many people think of female leads as being as strong as the male leads. More like “damsels in distress” rather. Despite some of the stereotypes used against girls and woman for being more emotional than men, the truth is that in some cases, women are actually stronger than men. For instance, they may mature faster than boys and they have the ability to produce young, something that men do not have the ability to do. I believe that this is what these movies and books and such are trying to establish.

Being the main star of a movie doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a heroine, but the protagonist rather. For instance, in “Cinderella”, all that the protagonist does is clean her wicked stepmother’s house with the help of some little mice, and she has a fairy godmother who makes her a fancy dress and a horse drawn carriage, transportation so that she can go to the ball. Same thing in “Snow White”, where the female protagonist sings about her prince coming to rescue her someday. She is also held captive by her wicked stepmother and she has seven dwarves helping her with her chores. I also believe that female role models are very good for young girls, like Merida in “Brave” or Anna in “Frozen”. In “Brave” the main character, Merida doesn’t even have a prince. In fact, she does not want to marry, but she instead wishes to compete for her own hand as the first born child in her family. The movie “Frozen” is about two sisters named Anna and Elsa. Towards the end of Frozen, Anna rescues Elsa. While some people may only admire these Disney princesses for their beauty, a few may also like them because of their courage and strength.

In conclusion, I definitely feel like heroines should be celebrated for their strength and not only their beauty, because I feel like beauty is just an adjective compared to strength and having a bunch of courage.

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