“Supersize Me” Reflection by Elle Anderson

Super Size Me (2004) Poster


I thought this film was very educational on why not to eat junk foods, such as McDonald’s, all of the time or even ever. What caught me by surprise was how that guy was always eating McDonald’s for several days straight, even though he was getting sick all the time from it, for example, eating a large burger and then throwing it all up out the window. I soon learned that this was just an experiment and that the guy was going to eat McDonald’s for every meal for a whole month. I recommend this film to anyone who is eating extremely unhealthy or even to people who would like to start eating healthier and improve their dietary habits. It seems like places like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr tell you big lies to lure you to buy their products. Really, they are encouraging you to eat unhealthy and to grow fat. Also, all of the meat that comes from crappy fast food places is conventionally raised and many of the cows turned to beef and chickens before they became chicken McNuggets are poorly taken care of, fed hormones, treated very cruelly, and in some cases, also contain diseases. When I was little, I would always get McDonald’s every morning for breakfast, until I got sick one day from it, probably because it was so unhealthy. Only years later would I discover that I had an allergy to wheat, so I now maintain a very healthy and gluten-free diet, but I will occasionally get McDonald’s French fries at least once a month.

Also in the film, they say that America is one of the fattest countries, with the city of Dallas, Texas containing the most people who eat unhealthy and are overweight. I believe this to be true because it doesn’t seem like many other countries go out and eat French fries and burgers or fried chicken wings every single day. This could also be due to the fact that America is a melting pot, thus people are going out and eating all kinds of food, including Mexican food, Chinese food, and Italian food, sometimes all in one day. Luckily, there are many Americans who also take really good care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising. I am on the cross country team this year and I know that there are certain foods I can and cannot eat all of the time.

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